Obligatory birthday post!

Yes, today is my birthday, the big 3-0! Happy birthday to me!

Not much more to say about it really, just a normal day at work, but maybe a good excuse for a beer this evening!

The weekend could be a different story though! 😉

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9 responses to “Obligatory birthday post!”

  1. Hi Simon! Happy Birthday! Hope you are having an easy day and getting ready for those beers later on tonight! May I wish you many many more to come and that we all get to see them! Have a good one and keep the party going! Just a couple of days more for the weekend! 🙂

  2. Many thanks Luis! Yes, looking forward to a couple of cold ones! 😉

    Yes, weekend’s not far away, and its a long one too! 😀

  3. Happy Birthday Simon! Here’s to many more.
    Te deseo mucha cerveza.

  4. Vitor,

    😀 Gracias!

  5. Have a great birthday Simon!

    Need to get your birthday posted out in Facebook so we can all know automatically!

  6. Hi Simon! Happy Birthday
    Que cumplas muchos más (y que yo lo vea)
    Best Regards

  7. Cheers guys!

    @Phil, sorted!

  8. hehe and while some of us are working today, others are enjoying a lovely long weekend to celebrate a massive birthday party! Ha! That’s not fair! 😛 hehe

    Have a good one, Simon!

  9. Happy belated birthday, Simon!

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