Playing with Linux

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting much lately is that I have finally bowed to the urge to dabble a little with Linux.

A while ago, after seeing a number of comments of others having given it a go, I downloaded the Live CD for Ubuntu and had a play. I was quite impressed, it worked well, was intuitive, and I wanted to get online with it. Thats when I hit a problem. I couldn’t find any way of getting it to see my USB broadband modem, so I left it at that, and went back to suffering Windoze.

Something made me want to come back for more though. So I accepted the idea of an install, as a dual-boot option (That is, a choice when I boot up my PC, call me a coward, but I wasn’t quite ready for the all or nothing aproach!). Turns out it was dead easy. I followed some instructions, and hey presto! I had installed an alternative operating system!

I’ll blog some more about what I got up to next, my thoughts on Ubuntu etc. Plenty more to tell!


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