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  • What is Collective Intelligence?

    What is Collective Intelligence?

    Yesterday I got a little bogged down in definitions, specifically I was thinking about “collective intelligence”.

  • Communications Effort vs. Working Openly

    Communications Effort vs. Working Openly

    Just had a great conversation that prompted me to have a go at drawing a diagram to visually explain my point, and illustrate some of the implied benefits…. Reactions anyone?    

  • Uncertain, Yet Exciting Times

    Uncertain, Yet Exciting Times

    Photo Credit: Ironclad HMS Warrior engine crankshaft by Elsie esq. Friend and colleague @NigelBarron earlier today passed me this post from Don Tapscott of Macrowikinomics fame: Davos: New Realities and Managing New Global Risks – Don Tapscott, which contains this inspirational line: the industrial age is finally coming to an end and to achieve economic…

  • Changing Habits

    It’s overdue that I talked a little about what I have been up to, and the shift in my professional focus over the last few of months. My “role” is no longer directly Lotus product related, but now has a broader collaborative scope. For those readers following me on Twitter, this is probably already apparent,…