Uncertain, Yet Exciting Times

Ironclad HMS Warrior engine crankshaft

Photo Credit: Ironclad HMS Warrior engine crankshaft by Elsie esq.

Friend and colleague @NigelBarron earlier today passed me this post from Don Tapscott of Macrowikinomics fame: Davos: New Realities and Managing New Global Risks – Don Tapscott, which contains this inspirational line:

the industrial age is finally coming to an end and to achieve economic development and social justice we need to rebuild civilization around a new set of norms and values.

This hit right home. We are living in uncertain, yet exciting times, much like our predecessors did, during what we now term the industrial revolution.

Whether we call it Enterprise 2.0, social collaboration, or social business is pretty irrelevant, but for those of us working in this space in the enterprise, I truly believe this is what we’re really about. This is what we’re doing with our companies. We are helping them recognise the end of one age, and helping them adapt and move into another.

I think it’s important we don’t lose sight of this bigger picture, the scale and importance of this, as we deal with the realities of the day to day.


PS: Don, I have a copy of Macrowikinomics which I am desperately trying to find the time to read, I’ll get there, please bear with me!


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