Changing Habits

It’s overdue that I talked a little about what I have been up to, and the shift in my professional focus over the last few of months. My “role” is no longer directly Lotus product related, but now has a broader collaborative scope. For those readers following me on Twitter, this is probably already apparent, through my increasingly regular tweets about Confluence(s) and Qwaq(ing)!

So what am I doing exactly?

Well, basically I am working as part of a small team, on initiatives to drive better collaboration within my internal organisation. This involves making best use of our current tools, and looking at some new opportunities along the way.

There is a lot on the go, and it’s keeping me both busy and engaged. I’m finding it a great opportunity to channel much of the enthusiasm I have built up over the last few years around collaboration, social software, and the continuous innovation in this space.

Wikis, wikis, and more wikis…!

At the top of my list is driving adoption of our enterprise wiki. Confluence is a powerful platform, and it is easy to demonstrate simple examples where teams and users can work more effectively. By getting my hands dirty working with some of the more advanced macros, I am discovering more about the potential of the platform, and am able to put new ideas in the hands of the users.

Qwaq, Qwaq! No I haven’t turned into a duck!

I have been interested in “Virtual Worlds” for the last few years, though not particularly from a personal perspective. I find my first life offers me much richer entertainment options than Second Life! However in an enterprise context, I have long thought they provide an exciting opportunity to change the way we interact. Over the last few months a group of us have been using Qwaq Forums internally to explore some of these opportunities. We are building out some scenarios demonstrating how the technology can be of benefit for large, global organisations.

So what’s it to do with Changing Habits?

In many of my recent conversations, I have found myself discussing corporate culture, working habits, ways of driving adoption, as part of a broader theme of participation. One of my favourite lines is that “we have to get into the habit of participating”.

So there are two sides to the title of this post.

Firstly, I have a worry that my own efforts here on the blog don’t do a great job of backing up some of my arguments! Therefore this post is something of a renewed commitment to my active participation here. Daily links and tweet summary posts don’t count as blogging!

Secondly, I wanted to leave you with a question. What habits do you find you follow, relating to your participation in blogs, twitter, wikis and the like? Good or bad!


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