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Earlier today I began reading Julien Smith’s epic post on getting what we want, and whilst I haven’t yet read it all, the following stood out to me:

“the way your time should be spent is largely like a pyramid, with a wide base of learning, with a smaller level of acting on top of it, which is directed by the learning, and then on top of that, an even smaller level of writing about it. If you begin to live your life differently than the pyramid should be built, it becomes unbalanced and topples over.”


I have been finding an odd moment here and there to delve deeper into what my My Top 5 Strengths mean and what lies behind them.

Each of the 34 StrengthsFinder strength “themes” has a shared description, however the “Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide” provides a personalised take on your talents, and some questions to help your awareness.

So here’s a little more detail and some of my early reflections on my Top5. It was tough, but I’ve tried hard to keep to single answers to the questions!