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This sounds like a great experiement, I hope he goes through with it. I’d be up for this too, anyone fancy betting be a laptop for using Ubuntu! 😉

I am here because of a bet I have with a friend. This is the deal: I have to use Ubuntu for 30 days. IF there is anything I can’t do on Ubuntu (except for games which he reluctantly conceded is Microsoft turf) that I can do on Vista, then I get a brand new laptop courtesy of my buddy. IF on the other hand, I lose, I have to pay for his new laptop.

The rules:
1. I have to post any and all questions I have about installing and using Ubuntu on this forum.
2. I have to save all of my correspondence.
3. I cannot use any other OS for 30 days, except for my computer at work.
4. If I can demonstrate that Ubuntu isn’t neck to neck with Microsoft in anyway, I win.
5. I have to use open source software as much as possible. If there is no equivalent, then I get to use MS software, but using some sort of emulation software to run it on. (Buddy said I’d have to learn about it here).
6. My friend wanted me to use Feisty, but I told him to step up to the plate, so it’s going to be Gutsy. (I figure since it’s new, it must have lots of issues, so the better for me).

Well, there it is. I plan on winning this bet, but I will be fair. All of this will start tomorrow. Tonight is the last evening of my beloved Microsoft for 30 days. I am downloading Gutsy and will install tomorrow.

Professor Fate

Make sure you check out his blog if you want to follow the story:

Hello,I’ve spoken with one of the mods at Ubuntuforums and we agreed that this thread should be transferred here. Please post questions, comments, whatever you like regarding this bet. I’d like to thank all of you for your interest in this bet, and I appreciate your help.PF

The bet is on! Ubuntu vs. Microsoft – Ubuntu Forums
The bet is on! Ubuntu vs. Microsoft

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  1. FireAshes avatar

    ubuntu will win after 29 days…
    but before that windows will win.. dont be frustated though..
    happy ubuntuing

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