The long wait is over….

The public beta of Lotus Notes and Domino 8 is now available!

Go and get it!

Having seen the demo and followed all the news over the last year or so, I am really looking forward to this install.

Lets hope the wait has been worth it, I’m sure it will have been.

As can be expected, Ed has more details on the release.


3 responses to “The long wait is over….”

  1. Simon,

    Have you downloaded 8 yet? What are your intitial impressions?

  2. Simon,

    Have you downloaded 8 yet? If so what are your initial impressions?

  3. Hi Bruce,

    Yes, I managed to download the Linux client today, and got through the install although on Ubuntu, so I’m on my own! 😉

    The install went OK, but the notes.ini didn’t get created, and I get an error saying an unexpected problem has been encountered.

    I was planning a full write-up of the process and hopefully a solution.

    The Windows install I hope to try this week (tomorrow!), I’ll be sure to post my thoughts!

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