Lotus Notes 8 Beta 2 on Ubuntu

So, tonight I managed to have another go at getting the Lotus Notes 8 client running under Ubuntu.

Disclaimer: I do realise this is not supported, and I agree with John and his rules of engagement, curiosity has just got the better of me!

Thanks to Nathan’s tip on the Beta forum, I manually created a notes.ini file which was missing from the install, and managed to launch the client! ๐Ÿ˜€

Unfortunately it didn’t take me long to encounter NSD running ๐Ÿ™ but I realise I’m on my own with this, though my guess is there’ll be a few others than just Stuart and I!

I’ve been taking a load of screenshots throughout the process, and will try to get full write-up of my adventures so far. Stay tuned!

Back in Windows-land, I have had a quick play with the client too, and to answer Bruce‘s question, I like, a lot! On first impressions, I think I’d go as far as to say that having to go back to the Notes 7 client now is going to be as enjoyable as working in Notes 4.6 was, prior to Saturday! Again, more detail to come.

On another note, Christopher Byrne made a good point in a comment over on Ed’s blog regarding a common tag for all this. I’m with him on using “Notes8Beta” for technorati.


7 responses to “Lotus Notes 8 Beta 2 on Ubuntu”

  1. Reece avatar

    So are you going to give the steps used or not? It’s been over 3 months…

  2. Reece avatar

    Me again.

    1) download the .tar file.
    2) Run tar -xf on the tar file.
    3) Run the setup.sh file as root.
    4) let it install.
    5) Restart X to get the groovy startup icon in the programs menu for gnome/kde.
    6) Go to your home directory, rename the lotus folder to something else. Otherwise the gui never even starts (don’t ask me why).
    7) Start lotus notes from the applications menu in your desktop of choice.

    note: if you run beryl or compiz, you’ll need to disable them or the java install window comes up as a blank screen. For ubuntu, this means unchecking the options, and then ALSO clicking the “enable desktop effects” button to actually set those changes (yea, weird wording for the button).

    Anyone know if a good replacement for the At&t vpn client, or a way to hit the IBM domino servers from linux?

  3. Hi Reece, I did say I’d try ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the reminder though, and the tips!

    To be honest I haven’t had time to use the client much on Ubuntu, and I need to give the beta3 a go, but since it looks like the gold release will be coming in August, I might just wait.

  4. Andy avatar

    I’m able to use IBM connect with the latest Ubuntu. You just “alien” (no scripts) and install the right package and use the command-line wlclient.

    Any IBMers need to know how?

  5. Andy, Thanks for stopping by!

    IBM connect? Could you clarify what you are referring to please?

  6. Andy – YES YES – how did you get IBM Connect (aka Lotus Mobile Connect) to run ? I used ‘alien’ on all 7 rpm files but not sure which to try installing – actually I tried each and none seem to install completely.

    details please ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sean avatar

    Download partnumber C99GMML (Sametime 7.5.1), CF1 has not been released for supported Linux distro’s as of yet (Sametime 8.0 to be released tween Thanksgiving and Christmas).
    Extract the tarball then execute

    code: alien *.rpm

    Now you have a *.deb file you can use the package manager to install.

    It is “not supported” but so far it has not stopped working for me!

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