A bug squashed

As it turns out, my Ubuntu bug turns out not to be, following a response with some instrustions.

It looks like the nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-1.0.9629 was installed from a 3rd party source that is not compatible with the ubuntu version numbering schema.

You can try to remove the nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-1.0.9629 packages and install the ones from ubuntu instead. But be careful you may end up on a shell without X.

Unfortunately I wasn’t careful enough, and I ended up with no UI having broken my video driver install! Help!

Not being too experienced with all this, a late night ensued. Having googled various error messages, tonight I managed to recover, reinstall the correct nvidia-glx package, and also clean out a few unnecessary ones.

So, back to business, and to be honest, I’m happy it wasn’t really a bug, Ubuntu rules! 😀


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