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Simon Scullion Written by:

Question everything. Reinventor. Sailor. Newbie Triathlete. Dad. Chief of Transformation @ Zapiens


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  1. 22/03/2007

    Simon, not sure if you have seen this already, but Alan Bell may have a workaround for the Notes 8 install problem on Ubuntu…


    “Finally a tip for those wanting to run the Notes 8 Beta 2 on Ubuntu or other Linux distributions, it is set up and supported on SLES 10 only, but the main dependency seems to be that /bin/sh should point to bash rather than dash. To get the install to run correctly type in the following:

    cd /bin
    ls -l sh

    this should show sh -> dash

    sudo rm sh
    sudo ln -s bash sh
    ls -l sh

    this should now show sh -> bash”

    Hope this helps… Stuart

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