Twitter Updates for 2008-03-04

  • @Soulsailor Congratulations! Best wishes to you all! #
  • Morning twitterverse, got a bit more sleep last night than has been the norm of late, but feel worse for it! Whats that about!? #
  • hi to my latest follower @osen Welcome to the party! #
  • another new follower, @walletss Hi there! #
  • @mastermark all good of course!! Lotus Connections is great! #
  • @mastermark seconded! #
  • @chieftech James, count me in, would love to be involved #
  • @monkchips and people complain about Lotus Notes 8! 😉 you still considering Office 2007 an "upgrade"!? #
  • @mastermark add the Activities component of Lotus Connections to that and you have a powerful way of capturing those processes… #
  • @stroker I feel your pain! That often happens to me too! #

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