Twitter Updates for 2008-04-28

  • back from a damp afternoon in Washington DC, it was good to see one of the most famous film sets of all time! #
  • I need to blog about my adventures over the last few days, but i’ll have to wait, logging off to watch some baseball and have an early night #
  • @dhinchcliffe my forst thought when I saw brightkite was "this should be in dopplr!" #
  • breaking for a bit in the workshop I’m involved in this week #
  • boy do i dislike’s comment system #
  • for some reason I expected Quickr 8.1 Entry edition to be one I could run locally, have offline access, etc. But doesn’t seem to be the case #
  • my gmail is hiccuping big time, it seems stuck in some infinite refresh loop! #
  • @curiousmitch thx, but didn’t seem to make any difference…. :-/ #
  • so gmail seems broken in Flock, it works in IE, Grrr!!! #
  • @Soulsailor we raced everywhere, even against the clock when cruising on the south coast! 😛 #
  • @LotusEvangelist shouldn’t @lekkim’s TwitNotes plugin work in Sametime as well as Notes 8? #
  • @LotusEvangelist I guess the theory is it should work, but yes, @lekkim would have to confirm, I broke my install in LN and havent fixed yet #
  • @chieftech did you get told about re web2.0 idea management tools? #
  • @chieftech oh, and good morning! I hope the new arrival is wrapped up warm! #
  • calling it a day, off to find food I guess! #

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