Twitter Updates for 2008-05-12

  • @edbrill interesting you mention that, but being smoke-free was one of the things I enjoyed on my recent US trip #
  • just signed up for pownce, want to compare with twitter #
  • @pjnet right, and my guess is its mostly the same folk there as here? There are some interesting feature differences though #
  • @pjnet you might want to check out dreamhost, I think they claim to be… #
  • @elsua I feel your pain! Happy I have seen the back of mine for my last trip! #
  • does anyone know the part number for the Lotus Sametime client for the Blackberry? #
  • @delboycarter last time I looked, unfortunately, yes….. #
  • @IdoNotes showing my ignorance again! thx! I’m a n00b with the BB, so will go and read up some more…. #
  • excellent, just got my hotel reservation confirmed for ILUG2008, will be staying at the Camden Court Hotel along with a few other folk #
  • thanks to @Phigment for organising the group rate! Hotels in Dublin aren’t some of the cheapest! #
  • @benedictpoole yes, partly why I thought it’d be a good call, no excuses for not meeting some famous names from the blogsphere! 😉 #
  • continuing to work through some end user training modules for a new pricing application #
  • @chrispepin yes, I’m gutted I had to miss it due to other work commitments, enjoy everyone who is going! #
  • @cote I still use it when I’m doing number intensive tasks, find it much quicker than the keys above qwerty & co. #
  • @jrobichaux most definately not, coffee before noon is always a good thing! #
  • thats me done for another day, off home for some family time! #

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