Twitter Updates for 2008-06-20

  • Buenos dias! TGIF! And still sunny, first time in a long time I can remember a few consecutive days of nice weather, about time! #
  • @benedictpoole Will it last for the weekend though!? Fingers crossed! #
  • @aspender I usually hibernate… #
  • @chinposin update #
  • llamaposin with the @chinposin crew, photo credit #
  • @duffbert so did you go for the Canon or Nikon in the end? #
  • @chinposin LOL! no way! Us llamas look for inner beauty! #
  • @duffbert enjoy the camera, I can’t comment, I’m in the Canon camp, but the lens combo sounds a great way to get started #
  • @benedictpoole that sounds like an unhealthy level of stress for a friday afternoon! #
  • @chessasilva changing for the better though? interesting thats how it started out for you though. I was just happy to see colleagues here! #
  • @boredandbloggin Ooh! Lucky you! so many options for a bit of boyish fun!! ;-D #
  • @benedictpoole oh dear, sorry to hear that, still its getting closer to beer o’clock! 😉 #
  • @cote I hope not, portal has so much baggage with it #
  • Thanks for joining the party @SJDelaney! #

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