Twitter Updates for 2008-08-27

  • @pedrorq good luck with the interview Pedro! #
  • @delboycarter Rest? You have two children! There’ll be no rest for us for a looong time now! #
  • reviewing SAP data extracts all morning, more to come, exciting! #
  • @andypiper FeedDemon’s panic button is getting more use than I’d like right now. One app that’d be good to see it would be in MS Project!! #
  • @garethj not working for me, pidgin not picking up the plugin…. #
  • @belgort @Dominoyesmaybe can I hear an echo!? I loved Bill’s “Little Yellow Bubble Land ™”!! Whoever said variety is the spice of life? #
  • @yellowpark I know a few tweeps who rave over #mootools, their JS lib of choice #
  • @Dominoyesmaybe LOL! my analogy would be sunflowers. All standing in line, looking the same way, focused on one thing and swaying in time! #
  • big car upgrade today, now have mp3 support and bluetooth hands free for the phone thanks to a new car stereo! great stuff! #
  • @Dominoyesmaybe you mean like a poppy amoungst the sunflowers? LOL!! #

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