Twitter Updates for 2008-09-29

  • buenos dias twitterverse! already working through the joys of Monday morning email…. #
  • @benpoole starting the week on the same topic as we finished the last!? #
  • @benpoole ouch! bad luck, hope you managed to get some family time in though #
  • Lotus Sympnony just crashed on me, hopefully it did save the requirements document I was working on! #
  • @pedrorq patience my friend!! #
  • @stroker Xmas party in September!!?? That is just plain wrong! #
  • good news, Symphony did save the doc before closing! Yay! Café to celebrate! #
  • time for some lunch before this afternoon’s team call #
  • @dbraxto2 have you tried importing your ID into iNotes? allows you to read encrypted email #

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