Twitter Updates for 2008-10-06

  • Bonjour! #
  • hola to @abbielundberg and @guarani Thankls for following! #
  • @mastermark have a good trip! #
  • @chuckstar76 congrats Charlie! scarey how time goes by huh!? #
  • finished up on a long demo & training call, now onto the action items that came from it…. #
  • @stuartmcintyre @YuraF nothing on OpenNTF? and the blog template is pretty flexible if you want it to be #
  • @dahowlett agree re vodafone es. I can’t find anything other than the press release on their new 12€/month data plan #
  • trying to make head and tail of mobile tarifs and choices. I know why I’ve never bothered switching before, this hurts! #
  • how much can you do with 500Mb/month mobile internet? Is that enough for email, some browsing, twitter etc? Flickr uploads? help! #
  • @verowhite @ccrowson @pmooneynet @delboycarter thx for the advice, torn between switching to orange or cashing in vodafone points #
  • offer 500Mb/month data & free calls after 6pm for 29€/month. has a new “limitless” 12€/month data plan + ok call plan #
  • looking at getting a Nokia N95 to enjoy the web, camera and videos, but don’t want a fright with the bill! #
  • @scastledine crikey, an thats a personal plan!? Sounds like we’re way behind the UK, again! BTW, are you happy with the N95? #

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