Twitter Updates for 2008-10-08

  • buenos dias twitterverse! in new digs this morning, was moved office yesterday, like the old one much better :-/ #
  • not sure about the coffee from the machine in this building….. #
  • @TomRaftery buen viaje! #
  • @guywakely thanks, that really helps my motivation levels today! #
  • @guywakely LOL! Be my guest! I’ll just try to remember to point out some of the upsides to the spanish lifestyle in future! 😉 #
  • finally has something on its website for their new 12€/month flat rate for mobile internet, investigating the small print… #
  • @benpoole umm… “Taxpayers may even end up making a profit from the shares, but that is by no means guaranteed.” likely not a lot? :-/ #
  • @nothnk estoy de acuerdo, y no solo en las zonas costeras. No tenemos mayores problemas esperando soluciones!? #
  • updating project plans….. enough said! :-/ #
  • @MattBrowne Wubi is great, it even will detect the correct version 32/64bit tho you can download the ISO you want to use #
  • @pedrorq but we *need* CREDIT to be able to *buy* things these days, hadn’t you heard!? #
  • Retweeting @monkchips: 20 plugins turn WordPress into a CMS, via @ppd #
  • @dahowlett yes, I had a photo I took in Baltimore included in one of their guides #
  • @monkchips Even if Obama wins? Who do you think would kick it off? #
  • @ThePPenguin welcome to the twitterverse! How did you find us? #
  • @dahowlett good to see the good old spanish solution to a lack of plugs! 😉 #
  • @SteveCogan I think you’re right, thats the feeling we’re getting over here #
  • out of a long project call…. #
  • @mastermark enjoy your time over in the US! Hope you can tweet some of your thoughts and conversations on #election08 seeing it up close! #
  • @duffbert congrats to both of you on the anniversary! #
  • @cwhisonant I wasn’t so much as supporting O, rather criticising McC! So, which two words are they using, “likely” and “victory”!? ;-p #
  • Retweeting @bbctech: How virtual worlds are reaching out to new audiences #
  • @dahowlett I don’t recall hearing about ZP doing a deal for fixed price oil, for how long? #
  • given up trying to catch up on today’s tweets, home time for me! #
  • @jdemay reasons? I am looking at the Nokia N95, thoughts? #
  • F-Spot not playing ball uploading to flickr tonight either, wondering why? authentication is OK…. #

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