Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14

  • email read, coffee drunk…morning tweeps! #
  • RT @dominiccampbell: Interesting stat in the Metro today. The £1.9 trillion bank bail out equivalent to 36 years’ worth of third world aid #
  • @stroker I’m here, though not a big user #
  • Using Digsby for IM, Email, and Twitter – #
  • curiosity killed the cat, following @chuckstar76 and @stroker in checking out Digsby #
  • Retweeting @Dominoyesmaybe: What do you call 12 investment bankers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. LOL! #
  • @Dominoyesmaybe yeah yeah, blame me, go on! 😉 #
  • opening up a weekly project status call…. #
  • @chieftech bleedyellow is a non/IBM Lotus community site running on the Lotus Connections products, open to all #
  • @chieftech it is similar in that it runs on Connections, plus has Sametime Advanced integrated, but run by the guys at Lotus911 not IBM #
  • @scastledine priceless moments! Can’t believe how quickly time goes by! #
  • @stuartmcintyre @scastledine my daughter started whilst we were clothes shopping…. hope its wasn’t a sign of things to come…! #
  • @chuckstar76 yep still work. I have my ST client logged into the multiple communities. ExtST doesn’t work with integrated client in 8.0.2 #
  • liking the #Digsby IM interface, much smarter than #Pidgin #

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