Twitter Updates for 2008-10-17

  • morning tweeps! is it Friday already!? No complaints from me though! #
  • @ssheppard congrats on the new nephew! #
  • over the air installs of qik, ShoZu, and GPSed on the N95 were very smooth. Nice! #
  • so are we @chinposin today? #
  • @chinposin update #
  • @verowhite Telefonica te han subido a 6 megas!? viendo las ofertas de Orange y ahora de Vodafone, ya era hora! #
  • @monkchips oh dear! hope its just a temporary glitch! #
  • @stuartmcintyre Ouch, man that sucks! #
  • RT @bbcnews India’s Sachin Tendulkar sets a new record for the most runs scored by a batsman in Tests. Great bat! #
  • RT @mysharepoint: Free online #SharePoint license and price calculator Only 12 products, scarey stuff!! #
  • @dominiccampbell nah, give em Smarts instead I say! #
  • @pmooneynet @edbrill especially in the fog! #
  • @dominiccampbell more likely a budget thing, “spend the money or we’ll lose it next year” culture…. #
  • questioning the chargeback costs of an internal backup/restore solution #
  • updating project plans and preparing status reports, enjoyable on a Friday afternoon! #
  • time for lunch! highlight of the day so far! #
  • RT @Dominoyesmaybe: @pmooneynet Thats why BEER was invented – to be a bastion of consistency in an uncertain and sometimes frightening world #
  • @pmooneynet @Dominoyesmaybe nowt wrong with a good G&T, nor with being English for that matter! #
  • @monkchips and difficult to improvise for @chinposin without a working camera! 🙁 #

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