Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29

  • buenos dias tweeps! Wet and windy start to the day, view of the sea was a stimulating sight this morning, awesome! #
  • @elsua I have something strongly against Telefonica/Movistar, that means I ca do without an iPhone purely for that reason! #
  • café #1. check #
  • Retweeting @yojibee: “I would rather live with a MBP which can die any day, than with a PC” < great quote! #
  • W00t! My Viglem MPC-Ls have arrived!! SWMBO won’t bre too happy tho! 😉 #
  • @leolaporte who did the free CrossOver promotion work out, no luck for me! 🙁 #
  • Retweeting @leolaporte: “Windows 7: faster, smaller, less annoying, available next autumn.” I’ll be 3 versions of Ubuntu better off by then! #
  • Retweeting @bratant: just reached 500.000 votes. We have seven days to reach 1,000,000 votes 🙂 #
  • @verowhite will have to look into that, I had no idea! #
  • @vsmith1 before autumn ’09, no idea, before Windows7 ships, definitely!! LOL! #
  • @pedrorq right! if Ubuntu’s progress is maintained tho, it will still be ahead by then #
  • @dale_vile why not add #Ubuntu to the mix and have the option to spend the cash saved on something else!? #
  • @dale_vile look forward to it! #
  • @chuckstar76 can’t put my MS updates-induced reboot off any longer either, driving me mad! #
  • RT @pedrorq: I wish people (mostly Mac fans I guess) would remember that PC != Windows . Linux rocks, but Windows has given the “PC” a b … #
  • Start > Shutdown > Restart > OK #
  • @dale_vile agree OSX has a learning curve, Ubuntu is no different, though its minimal IMO. Things seem very simple to do, no hassles #
  • Retweeting @dale_vile: @sscullion is Ubuntu any better that OSX/Windows from the UI/user experience perspective? << IMHO, yes! #
  • @vsmith1 agreed. @pedrorq was commenting earlier on how Windows tarnishes the image of a “PC” #
  • @hortovanyi @chuckstar76 @andypiper agreed, “no worries” is often used. Said as “no worries mate” with an aussie twang, I realise its roots! #
  • RT @bbcnews: A football match between politicians was journalists is called off after tempers boil over Pathetic! #
  • @SteveRichards “fairly good press about Win 7” does not accurately reflect my twitterstream on the subject! 😉 #
  • @hortovanyi no, “She’ll be right” is not one that even sounds familiar with the accent! 😉 #
  • @stroker the Codeweavers offer was yesterday, I’m gutted I missed it! #
  • @hortovanyi “drongo”? that’ll be another one that hasn’t made it! #
  • @pmooneynet make sure you find time to escape to the island of Boracay. I visited as a kid 15+yrs ago when it wasn’t well known. Paradise! #
  • #FoxyProxy plugin struggling with a auto config proxy address. FF3 config works np :-/ #
  • hola @jonno, thx for the follow! #
  • @dominiccampbell but he did give you new laces right!? #
  • its just started to rain so hard I can’t hear myself think! #
  • actually its hail, kind of explains the noise! #
  • @stroker yep, I’m well miffed! There were server issues which didn’t help, I missed the “alternative” method they provided… 🙁 #
  • @rustynuts7747 Nice! that tweet has really cheered me up, not!! images like that make concentrating in the office impossible! #
  • @benpoole nice, but 2kGBP, *ouch*! #
  • @Dominoyesmaybe LOL! blue skies again now, need to take the risk and run for some lunch! #
  • @benpoole obviously in that context it sounds a LOT better! 😉 #
  • closer to 2500€ at today’s rate, but I take your point! #
  • @gialyons I hope she recovers quickly. Meanwhile she’ll be enjoying the fact that she has an excuse for not doing as she’s told! 😉 #
  • @gialyons oh, poor thing! I bet the novelty has long worn off for you both then #
  • @chessasilva I wish more of the calls I have to participate in were of that nature! #
  • @SteveRichards thats an important difference, is Vista for the enterprise or the consumer? Do either need DRM? No, its a resource waste #
  • Retweeting @shawnz: My favorite headline from Clarion-Ledger this morning: “Microsoft says its next version of Windows won’t be as annoying” #
  • @dominiccampbell thats a comment I know @chieftech will be interested to hear #

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2 responses to “Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29”

  1. I’ll be waiting for a review of the Viglen gear. 😉

  2. Sure, as soon as I can get it unpacked and have a play!

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