Twitter Updates for 2008-11-10

  • buenos dias tweeps. There went yet another weekend that flashed by! #
  • time for a coffee and wiki beta testing #
  • this morning’s wiki testing went well, now off one call and into another… #
  • looked at yammer. First thought, why go outside the corp firewall to then get locked behind someone elses door & held to ransome for the key #
  • finally getting around to upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10! #
  • risking the reduced graphic performance due to lack of nvidia driver for ubuntu 8.10. Nice to be warned when starting the upgrade though! #
  • crikey!now being followed by the @yammer_team! Hi guys! #
  • @dansilva will do, apparently not from the warning msg that I got. will see what we have once the upgrade is complete #
  • @alanlepo I had the same thought after coming across yammer today. Something as simple as verifying a corp email address, on ones profile? #
  • @alanlepo twitter may not be corp focussed today, but adding this wouldn’t be hard, and they are starting to see competition in this space #
  • @alanlepo apparently you must follow me for me to dm you! #
  • @alanlepa I’m thinking similar to facebook networks re finding people, for twitter it’d really be just search via some simple new metadata #

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