Twitter Updates for 2009-03-23

  • buenos dias tweeps, why does Monday always have to come after a hard weekend!? #
  • Eye-opening comparison of the Spanish ADSL market, check the end for EU comparison, 6x more than the UK! (in Spanish) #
  • @ccwharris right! Now seriously looking at my options, though its fraught with issues, misinformation, etc. Robbery whichever way you go! in reply to ccwharris #
  • is wiki hacking #
  • getting cross with excel, again! why can’t I hide the title row in a pivot table? I just want the data….. #
  • uh oh…. I think Windows is going to come crashing down… again! #
  • now looking at mod’ing a VB macro in excel to copy and paste pivot table data as values… don’t ask! #
  • just had to reboot yet again! 🙁 #
  • @ssheppard isn’t communication an essential element to successful collaboration? in reply to ssheppard #
  • RT @nicholaspatten: Wow I want my OS to look like this. #
  • cathcing up on tweets whilst waiting for the little’un to decide she’s hungry! ah, she must be able to read me typing this….! #
  • calling it a night, buenas noches tweeps! #

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