Twitter Updates for 2010-02-26

  • Buenos dias tweeps! #
  • having a nose around what @filtrbox has to offer #
  • closing browser tabs at a rate of knots, surely that must mean my todo list is getting shorter right!? #
  • RT @094459: Will always feel sorry for Heidi Hoe who was in my class at school, here are some others – #
  • @cflanagan Yes, that's why today is feeling strange! in reply to cflanagan #
  • apparently "in stock" and "48 hour delivery" don't really mean that when it comes to buying white goods online…. grrrr! #
  • offerings are meant to give you greater choice and control over how you consume TV and radio content < the survey on BBC on-demand offerings #
  • the beeb claims greater choice and control, yet dictates the OS I must use…. are they falling for the false promises of DRM-land then? #

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