Twitter Updates for 2010-04-16

  • just checked my vodafone spain adsl speeds, am now getting 8Mbs down and 0.64Mbs up, contracted 10Mbs down, 1Mbs up, not too bad I guess #
  • buenos dias tweeps, slow start this morning, LN won't replicate and can't login to ST, oh well, social computing FTW then! #
  • does Vodafone spain caps downloads? good question, anyone know the answer? for @andy_malaga #
  • it's friday apparently, and I'm shattered, been a loooong weeeek! #
  • managed to beat the todo list into submission last night tho, stuff to sort this morning before a marathon afternoon of conference calls…. #
  • last night I uploaded a few photos and video clips of outings sailing in the Bahia de Gijon to Flickr #
  • time for some lunch before a marathon afternoon of conference calls #

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