Twitter Updates for 2010-04-22

  • @BDutton so are you going to be there at the #e2conf in Boston? #
  • Did I ever mention I'm a proud newbie over at the @20Adoption council? Taking some time to catch up on some of the action #
  • good morning tweeps, grey and misty start to the day here on the coast of Asturias for those interested in the weather 😉 #
  • @cflanagan yikes! I *hope* you missed me, but not by much by the looks of it! in reply to cflanagan #
  • @Yorkie71 LOL! so tell me, frost, what's that? ;-p in reply to Yorkie71 #
  • @cflanagan double yikes! good morning! now its my turn to tell you to get to bed! in reply to cflanagan #
  • @Max_Hemingway feliz cumpleaños sir, have a good one! in reply to Max_Hemingway #
  • @vsmith1 I hope someone remembered the candles! in reply to vsmith1 #
  • now suffering serious cake envy thanks to @mschaffel 🙁 #
  • travel experts, whats better Air France + Delta or American Airlines for a trip over the pond from Europe, into Dallas or Atlanta? #
  • thx all for the airline recommendations, mixed bag with votes for both AA and AF, so might come down to schedule/layovers/price #
  • another questions for you travel peeps, which is better as an entry airport into the US from Europe, Atlanta or Dallas? #

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