Twitter Updates for 2010-04-30

  • so is #Ubuntu Lucid available yet? Kinda getting impatient! #
  • @scolyer @BillMalchisky thx, yes, torrent on its way down! should have checked before tweeting, doh! #ubuntu #
  • now downloading the #ubuntu #lucid alternate iso via transmission. Too impatient to wait for the standard upgrade! #
  • #Ubuntu 10.04 here we come! Upgrade under way! #
  • big congrats to Fulham! Come on Liverpool! #
  • not impressed with #ubuntu install crawling along as it decided it needed to download 1800 package files, why bother with the iso? #
  • RT @frogpond: hello from the other side – downloaded, installed and tweaked the #lucidlynx #ubuntu baby < I'm gonna be a while yet… 🙁 #
  • @delboycarter where's your morals boy!? 😉 Can't see it happening myself :-p in reply to delboycarter #
  • morning tweeps! #
  • RT @technogeezer: Amazing optical illusion, it is NOT a spiral, < very cool! #
  • booting into #Ubuntu #Lucid for the first time, w00t!! #
  • trying out the new #ubuntu #lucid #
  • @zuffle we've taken baby food on planes before, just be prepared to taste it! in reply to zuffle #

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