Twitter Updates for 2010-06-08

  • using some time between calls to try and bring the inbox back under control! #
  • win an amazing $10,000 canon 5d mark ii camera setup to celebrate the release of camera+ for iphone at wwdc #
  • RT @frogpond: RT @mkrigsman: RT @mjayliebs: Who is going to Boston next week ? #e20 #scrm << I will there! ___ me too. < and me! #
  • RT @darrenjadams: iPhone 4… okay, now I'm tempted.< I'd be lying if I said I wasn't but how long before a droid alternative? #
  • @delboycarter yes, new iphone does look good, will have to see the price and what networks it makes it to in Europe in reply to delboycarter #
  • enjoying some tunes, been too long in the quiet! #
  • RT @ScottGentzen: Speaking of which, I have no interest in iPhone4. The leash is a lot looser w Google and Android. < thats my feeling too #
  • RT @jimworth: I'll be there, looking forward to matching a face with a Twitter ID 100 times. < so true!! #e2conf #
  • @elsua it was an interesting game, I found myself enjoying it despite not being a basketball fan, will try and catch the rest of the series in reply to elsua #
  • @joningham thx for the follow sir, great to see another Berkshire boy! #
  • @MeganMurray @bduperrin @elsua @cflanagan, @frogpond and I are already thinking beers and football for Saturday for USA vs England! in reply to MeganMurray #
  • @bduperrin will do, I'm flying in Friday evening also in reply to bduperrin #
  • @elsua vaya! yes, game is 14:30 ET saturday ๐Ÿ™ in reply to elsua #
  • @bduperrin @elsua @MeganMurray @cflanagan heres a google wave from @frogpond for organising footie+beers whilst at #e2conf #
  • @bduperrin happy meet after you make it through immigration, I'm flying up from Orlando ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to bduperrin #
  • RT @bduperrin: @sscullion you mean a beerwave ? < as long as it's not at the expense of the footie, yes!! #
  • @elsua we'll just have to make sure we don't miss Spain's first game! #e2conf in reply to elsua #
  • oh crikey, dinner time! #
  • Buenos dias tweeps! Heading over to the Hilton Orlando today for the start of the #CSC #TBSC2010 #
  • RT @bduperrin: 99% times when I read something about HR and soc. networks it's about external purposes.Never internal. < disconnect? #
  • RT @chuckstar76: @thinkscientist the 3rd party stuff works in Apple's favour and not necessarily the market or consumer. #applelockin +1 #

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