Twitter Updates for 2010-06-21

  • Made it to the Trident bookstore on Newbury St with @frogpond Lovely street and this place is amazing! in reply to frogpond #
  • This is turning into the #worldcup of the underdogs! How long can this continue!? #
  • Hitting the Hard Rock Cafe with @frogpond just in time as the heavens open! #
  • Nachos! Yummy!! #
  • @frogpond is now last man standing from #e2conf I'm about to collect my bags and head off for the airport. It's been a top week, thx all! #
  • as much as I have enjoyed Boston, I'm gutted I'm not actually leaving tonight….. :'-( #
  • @delboycarter nope, not ash, at least not yet… my travel booking was wrong, they have me flying tomorrow night not tonight! 🙁 in reply to delboycarter #
  • @MeganMurray looks like travel peeps messed up, hotel was booked until today, flight booked for tomorrow! doh! in reply to MeganMurray #
  • @bevinhernandez well I have somewhere other than the airport to sleep tonight so kinda! in reply to bevinhernandez #
  • waiting for the family back home to wake up so I can call with the news I'll be home a day later than planned #sad #frustrated #homesick #
  • happy to have spoken to the family, though even more #sad #frustrated #homesick time for bed me thinks #

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