Twitter Updates for 2011-02-01

  • Eeeck! my tweet stream is full of #ls11 I must be following a heap of yellow-bleeders! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Miss you guys, have a great time down there! #
  • had to turn off streaming updates in @TweetDeck thanks to the noisey lot down at #ls11 ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • @monkchips yes we do #ls11 in reply to monkchips #
  • RT @Yorkie71: Yahoo have stated their commitment towards Flickr < good news, I sure hope they now keep their word #
  • morning tweeps, wfh today, poorly daughter #1 who was up with a fever during the night, poor thing! #
  • @chuckstar76 cheers Charlie, she's up and about, perked up quite a bit, so thats good. She's a tuff las! ;-D in reply to chuckstar76 #
  • @Yorkie71 agrred. Flickr has far more useful features and options for me than FB. Plus I have little trust in FB's privacy and reputation in reply to Yorkie71 #
  • .@NigelBarron uff, todavia @vodafone_es no tienen stock del iphone4? O los estan regalando a contratos nuevos no a clientes ya existentes? #

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