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Definitions in the context of a Digital Employee Experience

For those of us who have been involved in the world of internal communications and “intranets” for some time, we have certainly seen plenty of terms come and go!

So what are some of the definitions we are seeing in use currently, and where are they taking us?


A corporate portal or set of pages that is typically fairly static with limited flexibility that is used for top-down communication and departmental information sharing.

Digital HQ

The concept of creating a virtual space and the collection of tools to try to emulate the benefits of a physical headquarters.

Digital Workplace

A company’s entire portfolio of technology that enables work within an organization and the strategy to use them together.


Taking proven online community techniques and best practices to deliver an environment where employees can freely contribute and connect with each other.

Employee Experience

The sum of all the interactions – and the context of those interactions – that employees have across the different touchpoints in their workplace.

Interesting to think how this has changed over time, how the vendors in the space have innovated and followed, and how some concepts have fallen by the wayside while others have remained relevant.

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