Twitter Updates for 2008-09-24

  • Buenos dias! back at the pit face…. #
  • @TomRaftery sorry to hear about the little chap, hope he perks up today! #
  • just had a great discussion with colleagues re the mess in the US financial systems, heady stuff at this time in the morning! #
  • not impressed with the looks of the googlephone "G1", not going to compete with the iphone on that front #
  • white screen of death = reboot = time for another cafe! #
  • why is @twhirl showing my updates as coming via the web!? #
  • @monkchips Nice, but the quote from M$’ Zig Serafin is even better I’m afraid! Smacks of a pot, a kettle and a dark colour! #
  • M$ criticising Cisco on UC: “They are trying to stick together acquired applications, and the approach they have taken is largely piecemeal” #
  • RT @breadedcod: "@cern must be running on WAS, as they’re expecting to have completed their current restart in 2009." ROLF!! #
  • writing up meeting minutes, such fun, and gives *such* a warm productivity glow! :-/ #
  • @pjnet run, hide, whatever it takes to avoid that! #
  • @andypiper would love to hear who that goes, I’m thinking along the same lines for a media server etc #
  • @TomRaftery what a mess! capturing CO2 emmisions, that long term thinking!? Thx for the link #
  • @Dominoyesmaybe @dmgursky ROLF!! Perfectly translated sir! #
  • must be lunchtime, feeling rather peckish! #
  • @pedrorq not bad for an ex-pat eh!? Sometime feel more Spanish than I do English! #
  • @pedrorq LOL! I’m sure you are right, has its benefits though! 😉 Just have to be selective about what I "adopt"! 😀 #
  • @monkchips is that a prediction! 😉 #
  • @Ruralworker con quien tienes tu hosting? #
  • @researchnetwork interesting that it comes from Newsgator, thx for the link #
  • @verowhite quizas porque lo que pasa en los EEUU nos afecta mas que lo que pasa aqui! 😉 #
  • trying to find out what is wrong with my mailfile on the server since upgrading to 8.0.2 #
  • @mastermark LOL! and to me it looked like an interesting conversation! #
  • @chillwillnj think the problem is with my Notes client, will blog the errors… #
  • anyone else seeing wierd composite app errors when opening mail in LN 8.0.2? " CWPCA4004W" WTF!? #
  • @delboycarter thx for the reminder, I have expenses to submit too! #
  • @dmgursky can’t open my mailfile, thats the error code I get #
  • @dmgursky right, was thinking the same thing, might need to do a clean instal of 8.0.2. Wierd it just stopped working though :-/ #
  • @jaysolo don’t tempt fate sir! #

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