Twitter Updates for 2008-09-25

  • @shartlen isn’t it great how the openness of twitter encourages these conversations! #
  • morning twitterverse! #
  • Retweeting @chieftech: lol – green IT tip from Dilbert #
  • lets have a go at reinstalling notes 8.0.2, first uninstall… #
  • cleaning up a few other things whilst I’m at it #
  • @martinpacker what about #ijam2008 ? #
  • error removing LN 8.0.2: "provisioning" something or other not found… #
  • lots of "junk" left in C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes Safe to delete_ Only one way to find out! </( #
  • lets try reinstalling #
  • @pedrorq exciting! Look forward to you spilling the beans! #
  • time for another cafe me thinks, while LN is installing….. #
  • install and notes setup ruan ok, then and error launching the client…. #
  • @andypiper I can feel the peer pressure growing for me to get on, torn between that and the Linksys NSLU2.. #
  • Notes is running, I just heard the sound for new mail! No sign of the client anywhere though!! #
  • @andysc @andypiper thanks for the reminder guys, now, where did I leave the podcast to find out the details… #
  • running Notes basic, eclipse version borked after reinstall, launches 2 processes, but looks like org.eclipse.osgi is throwing a wobbly #
  • @andysc muchas gracias! will try and have a listen now #
  • @chuckstar76 looks like I’ll need to dig in the registry to clean things up… #
  • right, anyone now how I *completely* remove Notes from my PC? Need to do a *clean* install! #
  • @pedrorq LOL! if only it were that simple! Darned Windoze! #
  • @olufsphere thx, nothing there in the registry, though had stuff under Software\IBM\Lotus Gone! #
  • @dichter thx, though tried that, just brought up the same error #
  • registry butchered, trying again with the Notes install #
  • Notes install taking longer this time round, is that a good sign!? #
  • need to nip out for some lunch, brb! #
  • back and running through the Notes setup wizard #
  • @ccrowson a pleasant start to the day then! #
  • @olufsphere looking better this time round #
  • crossing everything as I say this, but it looks like I have a working Notes 8.0.2 client! Finally! #
  • @olufsphere LOL! saving 8.5beta2 for Ubuntu ๐Ÿ˜€ #
  • the twitter channel comes up trumps once again, thx to all for the help and support in fixing my Notes client! ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @conoro the A-Team, now we’re talking! #
  • Retweeting @monkchips: "its like mis-spelling of mayonnaise or something. awful awful URL. a good idea sure, but really." LOL! Me too! #
  • @stuartmcintyre my thoughts entirely, can’t understand why anyone would want to #
  • @Phigment I have to concur with @stuartmcintyre guns can’t protect us from gov’t and we don’t trust them either! #
  • @Greyhawk68 You’re kidding right!? In this day and age!? #
  • @jonvon now that is something that worries me much more than whether or not I can carry a gun! #
  • Retweeting @yourdon: U.S. compared to Russia = Mac compared to Windows. At home, everything "just works". Here, *everything* is a hassle. #
  • crap, already late for the IBM mashups webcast, now cant join in FF3!! #
  • on the Lotus Mashups in Financial Services call #
  • @SteveCogan good point re IETab, have it installed, completely forgot! #
  • home time for me #
  • just uploaded a few more photos from my trip to NYC #

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