Video calling on Ubuntu

Dale has been having trouble with video calls back to the UK from the states.

since the start of this year I have been having lots of problems with video calling with Skype back to the UK, it worked fine in the USA but every time I tried back to the UK they would not see my video.

ooVooSounds like he has found an alternative though, with ooVoo. I’d never heard of them, so it caught my interest and I headed over to their site. Yup, you guessed it, Windows and Mac only. 🙁

Now I have to admit this is an area I haven’t tackled yet. I use Skype on Ubuntu, and I know the latest version of Skype for Linux has the video call features, but I haven’t got it working.Skype

Dale, thanks for reminding me I need to look into this, and if anyone out there has any tips on getting Skype video calls to work on Ubuntu, please chip in!


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