Twitter Updates for 2008-05-08

  • morning all, damp here this AM, off to find coffee, back in a bit! #
  • Blackberry support is in my bad books, responding with links rather than looking into my download problem #
  • @chieftech yummy! just in time to have with my coffee! Yes, I missed breakfast this morning! #
  • installing the Blackberry desktop manager, need to restart windows, grrr #
  • I have a flickering white desktop! the only app I can actually see is @twhirl! very wierd! what is that telling me!? #
  • even a hibernate and resume didn’t fix it, looks like I’m going to have to pull the plug, as I can’t shutdown! #
  • @GrahamChastney good question, can I put it down curiosity and being a blackberry newbie!? #
  • @GrahamChastney LOL! BTW great post on your use of the BB, I will be looking into your recommendations, thx #
  • my gmail has its knickers in a twist again in Flock, its in some sort of loop while loading :-/ #
  • just off the first team call for my new assignment, with all the folk I was in the US with last week. Was good to be in touch again! #
  • @MissGoogle that and getting dressed in the dark, there is no other explanation! #
  • @UnSleep alguna razon por la preferencia de xubuntu sobre ubuntu? #
  • time for some lunch, on my own as SWMBO just called to say she’s running late and can’t make it. Does that mean I’ve been stood up!? #
  • @chessasilva thx for the warning, looks like I’ll stay away for now then! #
  • built-in GPS + google maps on the BB 8820 is very cool! #
  • @monkchips do you have a link? I’m not seeing it #
  • off to pick up little’un from nursery, looks like it’ll be nice enough for a stint in the park, nice! #

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